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Sell my car

Welcome to Sell my car in the next two hours we guarantee to get you at least 10 offers for your car, we have thousands of dealers across the UK wanting to purchase cars like yours.

We can also help you to find a replacement vehicle, and if you need it, ways to finance your next purchase. But for now lets get started by trying to get you the best possible price for your car.

finance your next purchase, but for now lets get started by trying to get you the best possible price for your car.

What can do for you :

Enter your vehicle's registration and mileage here

Here at sell my car we are totally independent, we will take some brief details about your car, and then offer it to hundreds of dealers within a 50 mile radius of your postcode. In most cases people who use Sell my receive up to 30 offers!

Here is what we guarantee our customers

  1. A fair price for their used car from trusted dealers in your area.

  2. Certainty that your used car has been sold.

  3. Quick access to funds from the sale of your used car.

Of course, there are other ways to sell a car such as using websites like Autotrader, Gumtree or maybe even Ebay motors. All of them have their merits, none of them will guarantee you an offer though.

Best time of year to sell a car

Now lets look at the best time of year to sell a car, the truth is unless you are selling a convertible or a four wheel drive. Cars devalue between 1-2% per month. Convertible are best sold in the summer and four wheel drives are best sold in the winter.

Once you start to receive offers for your car from sell my car dealers, don't accept the first offer you receive. give yourself at least 90 minutes.

As this will give all sell my car dealers a chance to consider your car. The great thing about selling a car to a sell my car dealer is you the have the cash in your hands to get a better deal on your next vehicle.

Best deals on new, pre-registered and used cars

Whether you are buying new car, pre-registered or a used car. Sell my car will help you get the best possible deal.